As Per NCTE Regulation 2014 Section 8(14)


Sexual Harassment Policy

This can often succeed in stopping sexual harassment. Include a factual account of the offending behavior, describe how you felt about it, and state simply that you want that particular behavior to stop. 

            Sexual assault can change the trajectory of a student’s life in an instant and create years of physical and mental health struggles. As colleges create more robust prevention strategies, students can educate themselves on keeping away from harm and defending themselves in dangerous situations. We guide and aware the students, how to keep yourself and others safe, find out about sexual harassment and abuse, and gather prevention resources that can help stop sexual assault before it happens.

Students may contact to any teacher and to the Principal  directly, if they facing any such kind of situation.

As Per NCTE Regulation 2014 Section 8(14)

Sexual Harassment Committee

S. No. Name Designation Contact
1 Dr. Biji Bahadur Principal & Chairman 9669763245
2 Mrs. Mamta Pandey Asst. Prof. & Committee Member 8319610511
4 Mr. Praveen Kumar Sahu Asst. Prof. & Committee Member 9977531187
5 Mrs. Sangeeta Yadav Asst. Prof. & Committee Member